• Smitten™ apples (Cultivar PremA17) originated from a cross of (Falstaff x Fiesta) and (Braeburn x Gala).


  • Trials and tests of Cultivar PremA17, now known as Smitten™, were conducted in New Zealand.


  • Seven test trees of PremA17 were planted in a Quincy, WA orchard courtesy of Brandts Nursery and AIGN.


  • PremA17 receives the name Smitten™ when the New Zealand marketing rights were assigned to Seventeen Limited, a partnership of six New Zealand companies.


  • Pegasus Premier Fruit, based in Washington state, enters a license agreement with Prevar Limited, the proprietor of Smitten™ apples based in New Zealand.
  • Pegasus Premier Fruit makes their first commercial planting of 50,000 Smitten™ trees.


  • Pegasus Premier Fruit plant another 150,000 Smitten™ trees in the spring.
  • Three Washington state companies make a commitment to grow and pack Smitten™ apples.
    • Columbia Fruit Company, Wenatchee
    • Valicoff Fruit Company, Yakima
    • Piepel Premium Fruit Packaging, East Wenatchee
  • Additionally, independent Washington growers planted acreage:
    • Josh Koempel
    • Craig Campbell
    • Pete Tagarres
    • Andrew Sundquist
    • Dave Taber
    • John Sylester
    • Andy Feil
  • Since 2014, four vertically-integrated North American groups outside of Washington state have committed to substantial acreage over the next 4 years:
    • Michigan: Belle Harvest Sales, Belden Storage
    • New York: New York Apple Sales, Lake Ontario Packers
    • Ontario: Algoma Orchards, Inc.
    • Quebec: Paul Jodoin Vergers