Giumarra Wenatchee Works With New Zealand Growers

Giumarra Wenatchee has just gotten into its import apple season and will be supplying a full line of New Zealand apples to North American customers again this Spring and Summer.
“We see customer interest in the new club varieties,” says Jason Bushong, Sales Manager for Giumarra Wenatchee. “Consumers will continue to purchase traditional varieties, but retailers can help boost the apple category by also offering special varieties with sampling and targeted merchandising...The New Zealand crop offers a good supply of fresh, quality apples to the North American market to complement the domestic season.”

Giumarra works with the New Zealand growers Yummy Fruit, Mr. Apple, and Energie in order to bring to consumers high volumes of Braeburn, Fuji, Granny Smith, New Zealand Rose, Pink Lady, and Royal Gala apples, according to a press release. The division will also be testing new varieties Lemonade and Smitten. The Lemonade variety, grown by Yummy Fruit, is a yellow, crisp, apple that offers a mildly tart flavor. It will be available in limited test volumes for the 2012 season, with plans to further increase volume in the future. The Smitten variety is a high-brix breed of Gala, Braeburn, Falstaff, and Fiesta. It offers a sweet, juicy apple with a firm texture. This variety will also be available for the 2012 import season in limited test volumes.

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