New York Apple Sales' Jim Allen Discusses Increased Acreage and Upcoming Season

To further enrapture consumers with apples and gain those repeat sales, there are three main features of a variety that New York Apple Sales (NYAS) prizes amongst others: flavor, taste, and crunch. And with hundreds of acres of high-performing varieties in production, there is a lot of excitement for the team and the upcoming season.

Jim Allen , VP of Marketing, New York State Apples

Jim Allen, VP of Marketing, New York State Apples

As Jim Allen, VP of Marketing, recently told me, the company is adding new varieties for their customers with KORU®, Sweetango®, Snap Dragon®, Ruby Frost®, and future plans for Evercrisp®, and Smitten™. 

“All of these newer apples have the same connection; they have that hard crunch and explosive characteristics that consumers are looking for,” Jim says. “Their sugar levels, hardness, and appearance are also wonderful, which helps boost consumer loyalty and increased purchases.” 

Excitement is swirling for the new varieties as NYAS reports expanded acreage across the board. KORU is currently harvesting out of New Zealand with domestic production coming later this year. Evercrisp has increased its New York footprint, with New Zealand’s Smitten also finding domestic ground as well. 

NYAS holds a number of unique marketing agreements on these apple varieties. Through its partnership with Borton Fruit Company and Oneonta Starr Ranch, the company imports and markets appealing KORU apples from New Zealand. Domestic production of the KORU brand apple will begin to expand with harvest coming in late September of 2017, with increases in volume coming from both its orchards in the East, and Borton and Oneonta providing the market with West Coast grown fruit.


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A NEw York Apples Sales orchard.

A NEw York Apples Sales orchard.