The Apple of His Eye

The Bachelorette's Georgia Love and Lee Elliott pose for very cheesy Valentine's Day shoot complete with fruity bouquets.


They've firmly distanced themselves from rumours their relationship is on the rocks by posting a series of loved up snaps in recent days. And on Tuesday, Georgia Love, 28, and Lee Elliott, 35, were pictured in their cheesiest photo shoot yet. The Bachelorette lovebirds posed with an apple bouquet in a heavily stylised shoot to promote fruit company Montague's new love-themed range.

In the professionally edited images, the couple spent equal time gazing into each-other's eyes as they did at their bouquet of hybrid Gala apples, given the name 'Smitten' by their creators.

Using the tagline 'once bitten, forever smitten,' the apple company may see a generous uptick in Instagram attention after securing the popular pair, currently totaling a modest 1,008 followers on their account.
They images painted a narrative, with Lee presenting Georgia with the fruity bouquet as she looked thrilled with the gift. Later, front-on images showed the couple with the same wide grins as they looked into each-other's eyes, the blurred background giving full focus to their loving embrace.

The next few images curiously showed Lee taking the bouquet back and hiding it behind him as Georgia's exaggerated expression showed her trying to peak around the hunk's shoulders. In a happy Valentine's Day ending, her beau handed the apples back and the couple flaunted their pearly whites as they held them up together.

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