Smitten PMA Fresh Summit Interview with ANUK


Smitten’s marketing director, Don Zornes, talked to And Now You Know at the PMA Fresh Summit Convention and Expo on October 18th un Anaheim, California.

Once bitten, forever smitten is the motto of Smitten™—a signature apple variety lighting up the apple landscape with its outsized crunch and well-balanced flavor.

Don Zornes, Marketing Director, Smitten Apple USA

Don Zornes, Marketing Director, Smitten Apple USA

I spoke to Don Zornes, Marketing Director for Smitten Apple, USA, to learn more about this crisp and crunchy new variety that is propelling apple sales and bewitching apple eaters around the globe.

“Smitten apple comes to us from New Zealand,” Don explained. “It’s a cross-pollination of the Gala, Braeburn, Fiesta, and Fallstaff. It’s an apple that’s got an incredible crunch, and its flavor profile is sweet with a hint of tart.”

Now in its first year offering organic Washington-grown Smitten apples and its fourth year of commercial production, the variety is fast becoming a favorite with consumers throughout North America.

“The response from our customers has just been overwhelming,” said Don.


Article by Robert Schaulis

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