Smitten North America Expands Production, Launches First Michigan-Grown Crop


In response to the growing popularity of the premium branded apple, Smitten® North America is moving into new territory; the brand announced the first-ever Midwestern harvest of Smitten apples this week.

“The growing popularity of this apple at retail has been impressive,” said Don Zornes, North America Marketing Director, in a press release. “Expanding production is a necessary and exciting response to meet that popularity.”

Developed in New Zealand by the Prevar Breeding program, Smitten is a blend of Gala, Braeburn, Fiesta, and Falstaff.

“We fell in love with this apple many years ago and are thrilled to join New Zealand and Washington in producing this extraordinary apple,” said Chris Sandwick, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for BelleHarvest—the Midwest licensee for Smitten apples, who will begin marketing the first Michigan-grown Smitten apples in the coming weeks. “We believe it has the eating quality to please even the most cynical snacker.”

According to the company’s press release, the apple variety boasts outstanding flavor and exceptional crunch.

“We’ve only had enough so far to feed friends and family,” added Tony Blattner, President of BelleHarvest and grower of Smitten apples. “Now we have the chance to share this exceptional apple with our retail partners, as well.”

Article by Melissa De Leon

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