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Australia: Montague starts Smitten-branded apple season

Harvests have kicked off in Australia for Montague’s newest apple brand Smitten, an early-season bi-colored cultivar bred by Plant & Food Research (P&F) in New Zealand. 

In a release, Apple and Pear Australia Limited (APAL) said the apple – to be marketed under the tagline ‘Once bitten, forever smitten’ – would be available in select Queensland Coles stores this week, and would be available in the retailer’s New South Wales and Victorian shelves from next week.

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Be Smitten® on Valentine's Day

Picking of Montague’s newest apple brand – the early-season Smitten® – kicks off this week, aptly coinciding with Valentine’s Day.

The bi-coloured, crisp and full-flavoured apple is available this week in selected Queensland Coles stores and will be available on Victorian and New South Wales Coles shelves from next week.

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Honey Bear Tree Fruit's Don Zornes Discusses the Biggest Commercial Launch for the Smitten™ Apple

Once bitten, forever smitten. It’s the tagline for one of New Zealand’s latest apple varieties, which is living up to its namesake as it weaves its way into the U.S. market. Pegasus LLC holds the exclusive North American commercialization and distribution rights, currently working with several sales agencies in North America as the variety gains popularity.

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