All Eyes on Washington


New apple varieties are expected to offer exceptional flavor and heightened consumer appeal.


Every year consumers eagerly await the arrival of a new crop of Washington apples. The latest developments in apple varieties are given a kick-start on promotions in the early fall when Washington state begins harvesting. Indeed, it seems the future trends for new varieties to out west.

"Consumers are initially attracted to their bright, bold coloring and unique names," says Chuck Sinks, president of sales and marketing for Sage Fruit Company in Yakima, WA. "But what keeps them coming back in their appreciation for a sweet, juicy, and crunchy apple."

In fact, what also keeps apple lovers coming back is a combination of great fruit, abundant variety, and savvy marketing and merchandising. Maintaining that formula remains key to continued strong sales.


The large number and superior quality of Washington varieties are sure to keep sales brisk.

New apples on the horizon are Rosalynn and Smitten.

Steve Lutz – senior strategist for CMI Orchards in Wenatchee, WA – says Smitten is an apple for retailers to jump on early in the season, before the main harvest takes place and all of the other varietal apples come on the scene. "It's fantastic; a very dense apple that mature early in the season," he says.

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